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Riddle Transfer 2 Riddle Transfer 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

As you said, not the best game in the series when you think about puzzles, which are the butter of a point-n-click game.

But who the hell cares about puzzles when you have a beautiful ending like this that wraps the entire series in a neat little package?
The ending was fenomenal, this whole game was fenomenal. A great ending for a great series.

Don't know if you'll be making more games in the future, JonBro. But if yes, I only wish you the best of luck, you creative dog.

Playing With Letters Playing With Letters

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutely loved this game, specially since I am a fan of riddles (the ones that play with words are the best). Surprisingly, I was caught off guard by the first riddle and struggled with it until I noticed what to do. Funny thing that my first answer was the right profession, just going by another name.

Nonetheless, nice game, nice atmosphere, thanks to the music, of course. Loved how everything pieced together in the end and the feelings I've felt when I pieced everything together and knew what was ahead of me. And kudos for the special ending, I would have never thought of that. I knew I should had continued to learn that language.

It's just a shame that aside from the first riddle, the rest of them are pretty easy. Really, 90% of the time I took to finish the game was on the first riddle. It's a shame because I really loved them, wishing it would never come to an end. If you wish to create a sequel or another game with a similar premise, you have my full support.

PS: The black screen with white letters can become really tiring for the eyes, so my advice for anyone with headaches (like I got while playing) is just to lay down for a while and come back later. It's not a long game (sadly).

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Sorry for the late reply!
And whoah, taht's a long review :D

The first level is indeed a bit tricky, as it is where you learn how the game works. It's very possible to guess the answer based on the clues, but the rest of the game is much easier if one solves the puzzle XD

I'm really pleased to hear that the music made the atmosphere work wonders! It's actually pretty weird that I made the music before I made the game, even if I had already come up with the concept :p
I tried my best to make sure that all the things in the story tied together, and were parts of puzzles as well. Continuity is pretty important in games like these :3

As I've told some of the previous reviewers, it's pretty difficult to set a difficulty that suits everyone, especially when it come to puzzle games :/
But I totally get what you mean.

I will definitely make a sequel eventually!!

And yeah. Black and white doesn't go well with everyone's eyes, but I found it necessary for the atmosphere.
Thanks a lot for playing and for reviewing!