It's my birthday!

2017-03-29 10:26:13 by Bludermaus

Heyo it's my birthday! I'm finally 21 years old aaaaaaaaaand I'm still out of a job =w=

But I'll not let that put me down! Let's all lift our heads and continue marching forward doing what we love, which in my case is drawing, drawing, drawing and gaming ocasionally! And... going to the gym, which is a recent addition since about a month ago.

Anyway, happy birthday to me again! Just wanted to let you folks know! I'll keep working on more artwork, don't worry about that.

Good news! I'm finally done with college! After 2.5 years studying Game Development, I'm finally free! I'm done with it!

And I'm already cooking up some ideas for games to do, ya know, those short story kind of game. Not wanting to make something that will blow people's minds, just wanted to practice my animation skills, background and so on. Thinking about using Game Maker Engine first since it's pretty easy for programming-dummies like me~

But meanwhile, I'll continue to work on artwork! Do not worry, I'll not keep this gallery still for too long! It's just that I'm splitting my time between game development, art and looking for a job that can help me pay the family bills while I look into my own hobbies and dreams!